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Real- Life Stories Amalgamation- Middle Class Melodies

Real- Life Stories Amalgamation- Middle Class Melodies

Middle Class Melodies, which will stream on Amazon Prime Video from November 20, featuring Anand Deverakonda and Varsha Bollamma as leads, the motion picture is a light-hearted giggling ride that offers an exterior viewpoint on the ups and downs of middle-class life. Vinod doesn’t appear to be the only one to be energized as the trailer of the film appears to be a seethe on the web, it has earned a reverberating 12 million views since its launch and gaining raving audits from critics and individuals of the film fraternity.

Reason behind the Title

The Director of Middle Class Melodies, Mr. Vinod Anantoju shares, “We thought of taking a few genuine occurrences of a standard middle-class life and make a motion picture out of it. Nearly all the tracks within the film have real-life references. I believe life, in common, could be a tune, particularly the middle-class life, which I developed up in. It has its ups and downs. The motion picture moreover tends to treat these little ups and downs like a tune. We don’t go as well much into the problems or the characters, and instep, just see them from an outsider’s viewpoint. So that creates them a little amusing. Hence the title ‘Middle Class Melodies’.”

Further adding about the essence of the film, he mentions, “I too need to underline that this motion picture isn’t exclusively almost Raghava and his brother. Whereas he is the protagonist and the most thread within the motion picture, the film is additionally about all the middle-class individuals who are around him and the world that he lives in. I want to underline the middle-class world and small-town life. That’s the reason I intentioned chose the title as ‘Middle Class Melodies’, rather than putting something related to Raghava or ‘Bombay Chutney’. We opted for ‘Middle Class Melodies’ since that’s the character of the movie.”


A comedy dramatization portraying the amicable lives of the middle class in a town and the desire of a youthful man who moves to an adjacent city to seek after his dream of owning an inn. The story encompasses middle class families, their dreams, convictions, battles, and hope displayed in a light hearted dramedy.
Bottom Line!!

Produced by Bhavya Manifestations, Middle Class Melodies is a directorial debut of Vinod Anantoju and stars Anand Deverakonda and Varsha Bollamma in lead parts. Prime individuals in Indian and over 200 nations and domains can stream Middle Class Melodies starting November 20, 2020, only on Amazon Prime Video.

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