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Niche Film Farm is a premier film distribution company well-established in the heart of India’s capital, New Delhi. Established in February 2016, Niche Film Farm is a dynamic and purely Indian film distribution company that tends to be ingenious and inventive while bringing up the films in perspectives of our audiences. Although Mumbai is the Mecca for the film fraternity, Niche chooses to establish its roots in Delhi, to provide an easily accessible open window to filmmakers in north India. With a young and experienced team of professionals, Niche Film Farm is aiming high to service all the requirements of filmmakers in film distribution and other related activities.

Niche Film Farm

Founder of Niche Film Farm

Farmer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Animal & Nature Lover – Karan Devgan is one man with a multi-dimensional personality. A diligent and never tiring attitude with a never-dying hunger for growth has established Karan Devgan in the list of few individuals who focus on mutual growth for himself and his associates.

Karan Devgan began his journey with Niche Agriculture Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2007. Working as a Pomegranate farmer focusing on sustainable agriculture, Karan Devgan had promoted organic farming and had won many laurels in the agricultural field. From the core, Karan Devgan, believed in the principle of mutual existence, and therefore today, Niche Agriculture is a group of more than 3000 farmer families working together in India’s one of the largest agricultural landholding and when we talk about mutual existence, it also indulges livestock population of around 3700 cows, goats, and other dairy animals together.
Having an eye for the needs of society, Karan Devgan supports his associated farmers in their troubling and dilemma times. Children of farmers associated with Niche Agriculture are mostly schoolgoers and are provided with the recommended amount of protein and a balanced diet including fresh milk, fruits, and vegetables. A regular health check-up is organized periodically for the farmers and their families. From humans to creatures, Niche Agriculture cares for everyone under its shed. Around 2000 cows, which were left by their actual owners, are taken care of by Niche Agriculture. Most of these cows are in their last stages of life and some are disabled to walk even. Karan Devgan ensures that these speechless animals’ stay comfortably in their shelter developed by Niche Agriculture and are well fed and taken care of. A professional vet is also on Niche Agriculture’s payroll to take care of the health problems faced by these animals.
In the year 2012, Karan Devgan spread his wings in the field of stud farming. Horses are natural eye-grabber and you can’t miss the grace they show in the fields. The energy horses possess is magnetic. Starting from a single Arabian horse – Ashwa Aditya, Niche Stud Farm is now home to more than 100 high breed horses and is actively participating in the derby races around India.
Karan Devgan always had an eye on movies, a true movie lover by heart. As an avid movie lover, Karan Devgan jumped on to the proposal of Mr. Kumar Mangat (Director Panorama Studios) to successfully distribute the Hollywood movie “London Has Fallen” pan India, Nepal, and Bhutan and “Fever” by Ajay Chabberia. Niche Film Farm is thus born to provide the Indian audience with quality entertainment options in the form of movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional cinema.